Other maps of the UK and Ireland

The UK's modern tribes
This map shows the locations of every residence of the British royal family in the UK. (Source:...
Every UK county's top rated tourist attraction.
If UK land was divided like UK wealth.
Every territory ever owned/claimed by the United Kingdom/England/British Empire
The birth places of prime ministers for the United Kingdom.
Britain's top 40 most complex motorway junctions.
Countries that have been ar war with France / UK / Germany, 1700-now.
The UK if the population of each country was evenly represented by landmass.
All fifteen national parks of the United Kingdom with their establishment date and area.
Woohoo! I just completed my No.9 map-UK map illustration right before I celebrate 10 years live in UK! #vector #livwan #map...
Walking distance to the nearest pub.
What each UK county leads in.
Language and dialect map of UK and Republic of Ireland.
Countries the UK has invaded.
Migrants in the UK.
County Flags of the United Kingdom.
Average maximum temperature for the UK in June compared to February 26th 2019 maximum temperature.
The bygone motto of every county in the UK, mapped.
Business Electricity Prices By UK Region.
It's possible to sail in a straight line from the United Kingdom to New Zealand
Complex UK junctions map in road sign style.
Map of the UK made out of masking tape in a church.
US states with a smaller population than the constituent nations of the UK.
National identity in the UK according to the 2011 census.
Historic Counties of the UK, colored by Name Suffixes.
Comparison of results of 1975 and 2016 EU membership referendums in the UK.
Which areas of the UK have ever been represented by a woman Member of Parliament?
Areas that are more than 1km away from a road in Great Britain.
Locations of Britain’s 15 National Parks.
Interesting map of Early Colonial settlement patterns from the British Isles.
Jumping to conclusions...
What is the most important country in the EU?
Brexit Islands.
Map of MP's Brexit Positions, by @ElectionMapsUK. People's Vote (Orange): 117 Soft Brexit (Yellow): 64 Labour Policy (Pink):...
United Kingdom & Crown Dependencies divided into regions of approximately equal population.
The UK as respresented solely by its individual rail lines.
The British electoral map if...
Results of the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016.
The BBC made a map of the UK including Orkney and Shetland, but put the Orkney and Shetland inside a box next to Orkney and...
Generations of the UK, 2014.
British Rail: Southern Region - Tourist Map.
A map showing the ways scone is pronounced in the UK.
The year of the hottest Summer on record in the UK since 1910.
How the next general election would look in the UK if only 18-24s were allowed to vote.
Counties with the most dangerous roads in the United Kingdom.
Map showing control of local government in the United Kingdom.
UK military presence.
A Literary Map of the United Kingdom, detailing the locations of 36 classic fiction books (via Quid Corner).
Topographic Map of the United Kingdom.
Just crime in the United Kingdom
Mapping commute times in the UK.
More People live in the blue than in the red.
How many people pronounce the 'r' in 'arm'?
'What do you call a small piece of wood stuck under the skin?' –> lexical change in English dialects, 1950s vs. today.
Land Usage in the UK.
Another Fun Fact: The UK extends further north than Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki & St. Petersburg.
The United Kingdom by most popular sauce/topping/condiment for chip shop chips.
UK in Siberia at the same latitude.
The distance from Lands End to John o' Groats is about the same as Detroit, MI to Atlanta, GA.
Voting intention in Great Britain by age group
Areas with more than 10 people per square kilometre in Great Britain.
Religions map of Great Britain from the 2011 Census.
Range of Low- and High-Level Radar, Great Britain, 1940.
Six ways to divide British accents.
Brexit (2016), Snap election (2017), European election (2019).
Road Map of Great Britain.
Redrawing the Map of Great Britain from a Network of Human Interactions.
The rocks of Britain.
Waterways of Great Britain.
Ordnance Survey poster showing topographical maps of Great Britain's National Parks.
Every Person in Great Britain Mapped.
Great Britain's Worst Drivers: Driving Licence Points per Local Authority.
Quintin Lake is attempting to walk completely around the coast of Britain - here is his progress thus far.
Constituencies in Great Britain that have ever had ethnic minority MPs.
Regional Neo-Nazi groups in England, Scotland and Wales. NA stands for national action.
Historic Counties of England, Scotland & Wales by Date of Formation.
The roads of Great Britain coloured according to the first number in their names.
Election Map of Great Britain: Only under 65s voting vs Only over 65s voting.
Location of all railway request stops in the UK.
Roundabouts of Great Britain.
Great Britain, split in to 3 areas of equal population.
YouGov Beer Map: showing the beer people in each part of Britain are more likely to drink than the national average.
2009 to 2014 Great Britain Accidents by County
Just road accidents in Great Britain - 2010
Irish ethnicity in Ireland & Britain.
Cities which have historically been claimed to be Britain's Second City.
You can sail in a straight line from Great Britain to the Falklands.
Every Nation Britain Has Declared War on.
Map of British Fashion. by Speech500: This map includes all of the UK's biggest designers, brands, retailers, and companies...
Blaeu Map of Great Britain and Ireland, ~1635.
Great Britain and Ireland - mapped only by rivers and streams.
Light Pollution map of Great Britain.
Great Britain and Her Natural and Industrial Resources, 1940s.
How Much of Britain Has Been Built On?
Political Control of Local Councils in Great Britain, May 2017.
Great Britain and Ireland, 1949.
England vs Great Britain vs United Kingdom Explained. Map created by Anna Debenham.
British election map looks like Maggie Simpson.
Secret map of sea mines around Britain during World War 1.
Countries invaded by Britain.
Coastline of Great Britain with vertices removed.
Map of the Anglo-Saxon Conquest of Britain and the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms.
Support for Brexit in Great Britain by district.
Attitudes towards the EU in Britain.
2,396,750 road crashes in Great Britain mapped from 1999 to 2010.
Some children’s history books that I’ve been recently working on are out now! There are four books in the Prehistoric Adventures...
British radar coverage, 1939-1940.
The Eurosceptic map of Britain.
Variations of Billhooks around Britain.
Britannia, hand-colored and engraved caricature map of Britain in the guise of an old woman seated on a sea creature, 1791. More...
Diagram map showing the planned High speed rail network in Great Britain with proposed "Classic Compatible" rail routes...
Vintage colour Industrial map of England Scotland and Wales Beecham’s Help to Scholars - no date
Britain's first geological map, created by William Smith in 1815.
UK Great Britain County Text Map, Canvas Art Print at artpause.com
Level of Neurosis across Great Britain. The areas in blue are comparatively low and the areas in red are comparatively high....
Topographic hillshade map of Great Britain and Ireland. More relief maps >>
Place names in Great Britain of Scandinavian origin.
The geography of phone talk in Great Britain. This figure shows the strongest 80% of links, as measured by total talk time,...
Area Comparison of the British Isles and the State of California More size comparison maps »
England During the Reign of King Aethelstan, 924-39.
Every territory ever owned/claimed by the United Kingdom/England/British Empire
Where Roman coins have been found in Britain.
If England was a movie franchise.
Normans conquest of England.
English counties in 1086, as described by the Domesday Book.
Where the most common baby names in England/Wales come from.
England's most common male name to send Valentines flowers - per county
The Story Map of England, 1936.
The initial consonant in the word finger in traditional dialects of England.
Distribution of Crime & Drunkenness in England & Wales, 1902.
Countries that have been in a war with England and won 11th century through 18th century
Cultural Regions of England.
Catholics in England from 1715-1720..
England's 50 largest built up areas.
England following Alfred The Great's victory over the Great Heathen Army at Battle of Edington 878 AD.
Map of England Showing Each County's Flag.
The first German airship raids over England during WWI.
The Nationalist v Internationalist map of England.
5x5 DnD Alignment chart of the English counties
Six Ways to Divide England Linguistically.
Popular/best selling artists by English county of origin.
What English adults call a bread roll.
Satellite image of England and Wales following the ongoing drought/heatwave, May 2018, July 2018.
Records of the English national football team against other countries.
The Historic Counties of the English Midlands.
Mean Income by County for England
How Many People Said "Free" for "Three" in the UK in 1950s.
A Proposed Metro Map for the North of England stylised like the London Tube.
England vs New England.
Map of England over Texas, where the capitals are at the same point.
Population average age in England and Wales in 2016.
Heat map of lawyers fees, England and Wales, 2011.
The most significant face of each English county and London borough.
Since school has essentially consumed my free time, I figured I should start posting more project that I have completed....
Beer Map of England.
Largest English towns and cities in 1377.
Humourous outline of England from around 1868.
The Woodland Trust and The Community Forest Trust plan to create a new Northern Forest that will comprise over 50 million trees...
Six Ways to Divide England. More stereotype maps >>
A map showing the average daytime accessibility of Church of England churches in a 10x10 kilometer area.
Support for Regionalist Parties in England.
National football teams that the England national football team has never lost to.
The Cornish Riviera.
Muslim share of population in large English towns
Do you pronounce the "r" in "arm"? England, 1950 vs. 2016.
Map of Prague Neighbourhoods: "If Prague had been transplanted to England and had developed over the course of 1,000 years"
Passage of moon shadow over England, total eclipse of the April 22, 1715.
The Magic Roundabout: Swindon, England.
Bands from Northern England.
All the tower blocks in England that have failed fire safety tests as of the 7th of July. Interactive map >>
Percentage of blond hair for the counties of England.
Familiar shape to this cloud spotted in the East Midlands.
Coastal Scenery in England.
Premier League Stadiums 2016/2017.
England and Wales under the Tudors
Benali's Big Race: A charity bicycle race to visit all the Premier League Football Grounds in England.
Brexit referendum results by English county.
England’s Immigrants 1330-1550 where they came from.
Depression prescriptions in England.
Earliest known map of Ireland c.150AD
Main Religions in Ireland in 1901.
Location of Ogham Stones throughout Britain and Ireland, indicating Irish settlement or influence in the early medieval era.
Map of Ireland
Exaggerated relief map of Ireland.
Most Common Ethnicity of Sex Workers in Ireland and Northern Ireland by County.
Irish Family Names by Place of Origin, published in NY Sunday News newspaper on St. Patrick's Day in 1946.
Walking distance to the nearest pub.
Second Largest Nationalities by County in Ireland. Source: Central Statistics Office (CSO) - Irish Census 2016/11. United...
Language and dialect map of UK and Republic of Ireland.
Protestantism In Ireland, 1861-1991.
The climate map of Ireland.
Ireland: the largest commuting catchments.
Ó versus Mac.
South Korea and Ireland are really similar shapes.
WW2 map of Ireland to deter invaders.
Commuting in Ireland.
Diplomatic missions of the Republic of Ireland. Ireland has 62 embassies ,11 consulate generals and 1 Representative Office in...
Great Famine Impact in Ireland.
Population fall in Ireland 1846-1851.
100 years ago, the pro-independence Sinn Féin party won a landslide victory in the general election in Ireland, paving the way...
Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland can easily fit into Turkey
County/City of Birth of Irish Taoisigh. The Taoiseach (plural Taoisigh) is the title given to the head of the Irish...
County/City of Birth of Presidents of Ireland
How long did the Irish language survive in each of the 32 Irish counties?
Sidebar links in Irish county subreddits.
1/3 of Republic of Ireland's People Live in Each Block.
'The problem of divided Ireland solved by a simple feat of engineering - if Scotland make not objections.' Satirical magazine...
Every light represents a gaelic football pitch in Ireland.
Irish rail network 1906 compared to 2018.
Map of Ireland made using the rock most commonly found in each county.
Population density in Ireland, 1841, 1936, 2002.
Yesterday in Ireland, a controversial “Repeal the Eight Amendment” referendum took place. This amendment to the Irish...
Sunset shadows of Ireland.
Surname Origins in Ireland.
Ireland land ownership transformation during Cromwell's campaign.
Ireland: 1983 Referendum Introducing Highly Restrictive Abortion Leglisation vs 2018 #Repeal Referendum Results.
The results of Ireland's referendum on abortion by constituency.
Ireland circa 900.
Irish ethnicity in Ireland & Britain.
Map of Rail Networks in Ireland.
Hiberniae, Britannicae Insvlae nova descripto This is the oldest known map of Ireland, circa 1573.
The Curious Cross-border Naming Conventions of Ireland.
Proposed land bridge and canal between Scotland and Ireland.
Map of Spanish Armada shipwrecks in Ireland.
Distribution of non Irish nationals living in Ireland.
16th century ethnicity map of Ireland.
Pubs per county in Ireland.
Map of the consequences of The Great Famine in Ireland during 19th century. legend : -Color - Population loss by county...
Blaeu Map of Great Britain and Ireland, ~1635.
6 ways to divide Ireland. More stereotype maps >>
Travel time to cities in Great Britain and Ireland.
Map of Britain and Ireland in 620 AD.
Map of Ireland, 1610.
Ireland, 1650.
Great Britain and Ireland - mapped only by rivers and streams.
British stations in Ireland.
Irish speakers in daily life, 2011.
How sport is divided in the UK and Ireland
Map of food taken by British Army regiments during the Irish famine 1845-50.